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Water Fountain Design in Bangladesh.

The water Fountain is a decorative part of a building, office, or garden. It is also the symbol of aristocracy. A Small water fountain can enhance the beauty of your building or office to some extent. SHELLMARK is the Best Water Fountain Design Company in Bangladesh. We do water Fountain design for Both indoors and outdoors. A water fountain can give you eternal happiness. It also has some health benefits. It may absorb the dust from your room and create a fresh environment. The waterfall sound of the fountain can calm down your anxious mind. It improves sleeping quality. It also has some environmental benefits. Reducing the room temperature and upgrading humidity are most of them. Water Fountain Price in Bangladesh varies from supplier to supplier. You can customize your design to make it cost-effective and affordable.

Types of Water Fountain we design:

  • Indoor Water Fountain
  • Portable Water Fountain
  • Musical Water Fountain
  • Wall-Mounted Water Fountain
  • Outdoor Water Fountain
  • Cascading Water Fountain
  • Statue Water Fountain
  • Swimming Pool Water Fountain
  • Garden Water Fountain
  • Tabletop Water Fountain
  • Terracotta Water Fountain
  • LED Fountain

Health Benefits of Indoor Water Fountains

1. Reduce Anxiety

Our life is full of stress. Sometimes we look for relief from it. Water Fountains become a great source of mental peace. The sound of running water has a magical power to cool down your stresses. You can install a small Water Fountain near your Living Room or any other suitable place in your flat. Spending a little bit of time near your beautiful Water Fountain can reduce your anxiety. It will help you to give full concentration on your work. You can restart yourself after tiresome work. Thus your health Level will rise up dramatically.

2. Improve Sleeping Quality

Most people are facing sleeping disorders. Especially, the senior citizens are suffering more. Sound Sleep may improve your health conditions and speed up your working potential. You take the benefit from a Water Fountain. The sounds of drizzling water from a fountain are very soft. It creates a cool environment in your Living room. Hearing the sound of running water is more relaxing than anything. Improve your sleeping quality by placing a portable water fountain beside your bed. SHELLMARK is the Best Water Fountain Design Company in Bangladesh.

3. Absorb Dust and Smoke

Air pollution is getting worse day by day. Especially in city areas, the smoke from vehicles, and construction dust ruin our healing standards. It is drastically hampering our city Life. Our bedrooms and Living rooms are always filled with floating dust and smoke. The Water Fountains help to reduce such air pollution. Continuous running water from a fountain always attracts free-floating dust and smoke. A portable water Fountain can absorb those free molecules and purify the air. Thus you can create an extra healthy environment in your living house.

4. Increase Humidity

Humidity refers to how much moisture is there in the air. Low humidity creates itching and irritations. In the winter season, our air becomes very dry. It causes different types of skip problems and disorders. The Water Fountain can reduce the problems. The evaporation of water from an indoor fountain increases the moisture of the air. Which creates humid weather around you. Some people use an electric humidifier to do so. Instead of this, Place a portable water fountain in your room to get a great source of natural humidity.

5. Reduce Room Temperature

 As we are living in a sub-tropical country, the temperature becomes very high in the summer season. Sometimes temperature in Bangladesh become 40 Degree Fahrenheit. So, an arrangement to cool down the room temperature is nice. Circulating water from a fountain has a magical power to absorb heat. It creates a huge water surface to absorb harmful positive IONS. Also, the evaporated water reduces the room temperature. Place an indoor water fountain to get gentle weather in the summer seasons.

Water Fountain price in Bangladesh depends on the following factor-

1. Size of Fountain

2. Volume of Works

3. Location of the Site

4. Method of Installation

5. Capacity of Pump

6. Number of Light Use

7.  Numbers and Diameter of Nozzles

8. Testing & Commissioning Process

Water Fountain Design Considerations:

1. Establishing the Design Parameters

2. Selection of Site Location

3. Determination of Size and Shape

4. Selection of Pumping System

5. Selection of Filtration System

6. Conduit and Piping System

7. Electrical Lighting System

8. Selection of Aesthetic Water Elements

9. Determination of Sprinkling System

10. Environmental Effects Consideration

11. Cleaning and Overflow Consideration

12. Sequental Water Effect Selection

13. Selection of Civil Works Materials

14. Consideration of Water Treatment Process

15. Selection of Visual Height

16. Consider the Depth and Freeboard

17. Consideration of Wind Effect

18. Consideration of Water Turbulence

19. Placement of Nozzles and Sprinklers

20. Placement of RGB Lights

Components of Water Fountain:

1. Fountain Basin

2. Circulating Pump

3. Nozzels

4. Fountain Vault

5. Filtration Unit

6. Water Flow Sensors

7. Safety Valves

8. Piping & Conduit System

9. RGB Lights

10. Visual Water Effects