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Best Duplex House Design in Bangladesh

Modern and luxurious duplex house designs become popular in Bangladesh. SHELLMARK LIMITED is the Best Low-Cost Duplex House Design Firm in Bangladesh. A duplex building generally consists of only two floors. It consists of exclusive architectural beauty. These types of buildings are considered as single-family dwellings. It is the symbol of aristocracy. When these types of buildings are extended to three floors. It became a triplex house or bungalow. Most of the rich people in Bangladesh build their duplex or triplex houses. They use it for their recreational living or short-term stays. Sometimes these types of buildings may be called vacation houses. It is also called a farmhouse. This type of house may be low-cost or high-cost.

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Duplex House Design in Bangladesh Features:

1. Grand Entry:

Generally, we provide a grand entry in a duplex house. This entry is considered the main entrance of the house. The main theme of these entries is mainly architectural beauty. It also represents the primary taste of the inner house. We must make it very spacious and restricted to public access. Generally, we try to connect the grand entry with a boundary wall on both sides. This may connect with an approach road or a highway.

2. Landscaping:

Most importantly, we try to create landscaping in front of the building and surroundings.  We keep vehicles and pedestal movements separately. Especially, we provide a fountain in front of the house. Also, an open yard seating area, swimming pool, fishpond, tree plantations, vegetable cultivating area, flower garden, etc. A Landscape design enhances the ultimate luxury of a duplex house.

3. Guest Zone:

We always try to create different zones according to their usage. We always keep the guest zone on the ground floor. Guest zone comprises with formal living area, common toilet, and other common facilities. Generally, we keep this area very near to the house entrance. We keep the guest gathering and their movement restricted to this area. Strictly, we maintain the privacy of family members. It is our important design consideration.

4. Service Zone:

We design a Duplex House according to the zoning concept. We create a service zone as a semi-private zone of the entire building. It is also located on the ground floor. We provide a large dining hall and kitchen are the main parts of the service zone. Generally, we consider the movement of the female members in the service zone very private. The interactions of guests in the service zone are considered a critical part. Additionally, we try to place the servant bedroom and toilet very near the service zone.

5. Family Living Area:

We consider this a very private and restricted to guests. Generally, we try to locate it on the 1st floor. The family living area comprises master beds, common beds, child beds, a reading room, and a prayer room. This place is kept very secure from the ground floor. Sometimes we provide a small drawing and pantry in a suitable location. We believe that it enhances the in-house refreshment facilities. We consider this zone as the main living area of duplex dwellers.

6. Large Family Terrace:

Most Importantly, a large family terrace is desirable in any modern duplex house. Generally, we place the family terrace very near the family living area. We always try to place it on the 1st floor. Also, we try to keep this terrace as common to use for all family members. We consider this place as the main refreshment place for building dwellers. Especially, we keep terrace gardening and planter boxes to enhance the beauty of a family terrace.

7. Vertical Fins and Pergolas:

Generally, we consider the vertical fins and pergolas as the ornamental components of a duplex house. We provide those to add some extra look to exterior views. It’s generally located at the front and side elevations of duplex houses. The height of the vertical fins is more than the duplex house. It starts from the existing ground level and extends beyond the roof. The pergolas are placed over the open terrace and rooftop. We try to make fair-faced casting and rustic tiles to give them a different look.

8. Elegant Internal Stair:

We always connect two floors of a duplex house with an elegant internal stair. Most importantly it connects the drawing room to the private living zone. We try to build such stairs with elegant architectural views. It may be spiral, circular, elliptic, parabolic, or oval shape. You can make it with RCC or prefabricated steel. The rise and trade of such stairs may be made with Wood or tempered glass.

9. Rooftop Swimming Pool:

Modern duplex or triplex villas always demand a rooftop swimming pool. Generally, we design a swimming pool in an amoeboid shape. Other shapes also can be made as per the client’s needs. The swimming pool comprises a changing room very near to it. We try to place a sitting area on the bank of the pool. Sometimes we keep a small toilet near the swimming pool. Generally, the pool is open to the sky. Also, maybe a transparent sheet over it to protect the Sun.

10. Water Fountains:

Water fountains add extra luxury to the duplex house. Generally, we design two types of Water Fountains depending on their locations. Firstly, Indoor water fountain. Secondly, the outdoor water fountain. We place indoor water fountains near internal stairs, dining room, or living room. The outdoor water fountain is placed in front of the building. It can be wall-mounted or vertical sprinkler type. Wish to hear a waterfall sound while sitting at your home? You can install it at any suitable place.

11. Fish Ponds:

The fishpond is an ornamental part of a duplex house. Generally, we place these types of ponds outside of the house. Especially at the main entry gate. Different colorful foreign fishes are grown here naturally. Water circulation is run with the help of a special water pump. However, the maintenance cost of such a pond is high and tiresome. It is becoming very popular among duplex house owners due to its mind-blowing features.

12. Rooftop Gym:

The rooftop gym is an extra facility for the luxurious duplex villa. Family members can perform their morning and evening workout at their gym. We make a space for a treadmill, lifting weights, and dumbbells, and cycling on it. It is always very difficult to go for a workout in the morning or late at night. The demand for small workouts can be mitigated with this type of Gym. We place a small toilet and prayer room near the gym.

13. Common Facilities:

A duplex villa house required some service people and common facilities. We place those common facilities on the ground floor. Car parking, guard post, guard living room, caretaker room, kitchen and toilet, drivers waiting, etc. These common facilities increase the living comfort of duplex dwellers. We arrange a suitable place for a substation and generator for 24-hour power supply.


The above components are very important to consider in designing a Duplex House. If you have a plan to build your dream duplex, please hire the Best Duplex House Design firm in Bangladesh, which will save your Cost and property. We at SHELLMARK LIMITED have been providing Low-Cost Duplex House designs in Bangladesh since 2012.

Low-Cost Duplex House Design in Bangladesh

The cost of a Duplex House in Bangladesh depends on various factors. Most of the clients ask for Low-Cost Duplex House designs in Bangladesh. Generally, the cost of a Duplex House varies from Tk. 2500/Sft to Tk. 5000/Sft. It depends on the use of construction materials and design type. The factors that depend on Duplex House cost are listed below:

1. Site Location:

The Cost of a Duplex House depends on the site Location. Generally, a duplex house in an urban area costs more than in a rural area. The value of Land and Labor costs are the main factor here. The use of local materials may reduce the cost of a Village Duplex House in Bangladesh. If the proposed site is on low land, the cost may be slightly higher than the high land. Because huge sand filling needs increase the project cost. The soil condition also may affect in cost of the Duplex House. Please consult with our technical team before selecting your final location. We always try to find a cost-effective solution for you.

2. Total Floor Area:

The cost of Construction of a Duplex House may vary with its total floor area.  A Small duplex house can be built with a minimum of 750 square feet of ground coverage. So, the total floor area maybe 1500 square feet. This type of Duplex House can be built with a total cost of about Tk. 40 Lacs to Tk. 60 Lacs.  But a Luxurious Duplex House with modern facilities required about 4000 square feet to 5000 square feet of ground coverage. This type of luxurious Duplex House can be built with a total cost of Tk.2 Crore to Tk.10 Crore. That’s why the cost depends on the total floor area.

3. Use of Finishing Materials:

The major cost of a Duplex House in Bangladesh is the use of finishing materials. Use of standard finishing materials may cost Tk. 2500/sft to Tk. 3000/sft. But if you use luxurious finishing materials, the cost may vary from Tk. 3500/sft To Tk. 5000/sft. We never suggest using costly materials, but elegant medium-budgeted materials. In this case, we always consult with clients and understand their financial abilities. Most importantly, we suggest using available local materials to reduce the cost.

4. Design Concept:

The cost of a Duplex House in Bangladesh also depends on the design concept. A classical Low-Cost Duplex House can be built within Tk. 40 Lacs to Tk. 60 Lacs. But a Luxurious Modern Duplex House costs about Tk. 2 Crore to Tk. 10 Core. The design charge also varies depending on the design type. We generally charge Tk. 3 Lacs to Tk.8 Lac to design a complete Duplex House. Our design includes Architectural, Structural Design, Electrical, Plumbing, and 3D exterior views. We also include the Landscape Design if required.


We Have designed several Low-Cost Duplex houses in Bangladesh. Want to feel the ultimate luxury of your dream House? Hire the best duplex house design firm in Bangladesh. SHELLMARK LIMITED has been providing Luxurious and Modern Duplex House designs in Bangladesh for more than 12 years.

Duplex House Construction Cost in Bangladesh

The construction cost of a Duplex House in Bangladesh depends on various factors. Firstly, the amount of total floor area. Secondly, the use of materials. Thirdly, the location of the project. Fourthly, Design Concept. Finally, willing to invest. Here, is the estimated cost of a duplex house with 2500 square feet of floor area.

1. Design and Consultancy Cost:

  • Architectural Design BDT. 1,00,000.00 to BDT. 1,50,000.00
  • Structural Design BDT. 75,000.00 to BDT. 1,00,000.00
  • Electrical Design BDT. 50,000.00 to BDT. 75,000.00
  • Plumbing Design BDT. 50,000.00 to BDT. 75,000.00
  • 3D Visualization BDT. 20,000.00 to BDT. 50,000.00

2. Digital Survey Cost:

3. Soil Test Cost:
  • Soil Test up to 60 feet depth BDT. 7,000.00/Point
  • Soil Test up to 100 feet depth BDT. 10,000.00/Point
    N.B: The Above prices are within Dhaka City. Up-down pickup fare to be added with the above price for outside Dhaka.
4. Site Preparation Cost:
  • Site Cleaning Charge BDT. 20,000.00 to BDT. 30,000.00
  • Leveling and Dressing BDT. 15,000.00 to BDT. 20,000.00
5. Foundation Cost:
  • Layout Setting BDT. 10,000.00 to BDT. 15,000.00
  • Foundation Construction Cost BDT. 850.00/SFT to BDT. 1200.00/SFT for Shallow Foundation
  • The cost for a Deep Foundation depends on the length, diameter, and number of piles.
6. Super-structural Cost:
  • Superstructure Construction Cost BDT. 2,000.00/SFT to BDT. 3,000.00/SFT depending on the quality of construction and material used.
  • The cost of this section may vary from project to project.
7. Finishing Works Cost:
  • Finishing Cost BDT. 1,500.00/SFT to BDT. 2,000.00/SFT depending on the quality of construction and material used.
  • This cost may very depending on the use of quality fixtures.
8. Electrical Cost:
  • Electrical Wiring, Grove Cutting, Fitting Fixture BDT. 750.00/SFT to BDT.1250.00/SFT
  • Cost Depends on Quality of Products and Brands.
9. Plumbing Cost:
  • Plumbing Grove Cutting, Fitting Fixture BDT. 350.00/SFT to BDT. 750.00/SFT
  • Cost Depends on Quality of Products and Brands.
10. Landscaping Cost:
  • Landscaping, Arboriculture, and Gardening Cost BDT. 250.00/SFT to BDT. 350.00/SFT
  • Cost Depends on Quality of Plants and their intencity.
11. Labor Cost:
  • Civil Constructiion BDT. 250.00/Sft to BDT. 450.00/Sft depending on design concept.
  • Electrical Works BDT. 150.00/Point to BDT. 250.00/Point
  • Plumbing Cost BDT. 10,000.00/Bathroom to BDT. 20,000.00/Bathroom
12. Others Cost:
  • Cost for Water Fountain BDT. 5,00,000.00 to BDT. 25,00,000.00
  • Cost for Fish Pont Including 100 Koi Fish BDT. 3,00,000.00 to BDT. 7,00,000.00
  • Interior Design BDT. 15,00,000.00 to BDT. 25,00,000.00

Duplex House Design in Bangladesh by SHELLMARK LIMITED