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SHELLMARK LIMITED has been working as an Architectural and Structural Consultant for more than 12 years. We have designed 175+ buildings all over Bangladesh. Our Service covers Residential, Commercial, 5-Star Hotels, Modern Mosques, Duplex, and Triplex Villa House design. Our creative and innovative design concepts rank us as the Best Architectural Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We always believe in efficient customer support. Also, in unique design ideas at every step of our work. Our Architects and Engineers are ready to make your dream projects into reality.


175+ Architectural Design Completed.

150+ Structural Design Done.

20+ Duplex and Triplex Design Completed.

150+ RAJUK Plan Approval Done

Project Management


30+ Projects Management Executed.

Project Masterplan


5+ Projects Masterplan Handled.

Best Building Design Consultant in Bangladesh

SHELLMARK LIMITED is the Top 10 Best Architectural Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We have successfully handled more than 175 projects in Bangladesh. Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Khulna, Rajshahi and many other prime locations are our service areas.  We are also covering the major locations of the Capital City Dhaka and its nearby areas. In central Dhaka: Basundhara R/A, Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Banani, and Uttara is most common. In nearby Dhaka: Purbachal New Town, Jolshiri Abashon, Purbachal American City, Basundhara Riverview, Jhilmil, Aftabnagar, and Banasree.







Soil Testing is an important part of any building project. We provide soil tests as our add-on service. We never force our clients to take this service from us. Soil Test Reports from any reputed firms are accepted by us. As there are so many untrusty firms in this field, they do not conduct soil test work correctly. So, we suggest the client to engage such firms by consulting with us. Also, the work is under the close supervision of our engineers. We always try to understand the foundation soil accurately.


Before starting the design of a project, site visiting is a must. We consider this site visit as the start of work. Generally, our Design Architect and Structural Engineer do the primary site visit. We also provide site visits during construction. Our experienced Project Engineers conduct site visits at different stages of construction. In particular, they check the construction details as per the design. Project Engineers also check the quality of materials.

Before starting any planning work, a Digital Land Survey is required. Proper use of space is quite difficult without a digital survey. Generally, we conduct digital surveys very soon after signing the contract agreement. It is also our add-on service. Landowners can hire any firm to conduct the digital survey. In this case, any errors in the digital survey report may affect the planning. We provide the best digital land survey support in Bangladesh.

Knowing the construction cost is an important concern for the project owners. We always play with cost and benefits. We provide the item-wise cost estimates and bill of quantities. Generally, we break down the project into different parts during estimation. Firstly, the foundation cost. Secondly, the ground floor costs. Thirdly, the superstructure costs. Finally, the finishing costs. Also, provide a separate cost table on the detail cost estimate sheet. We also mention the material’s specification as much as possible.

Best Architect Engineer in Bangladesh

We are experts in Earthquake Resistance building design in Bangladesh. Strictly, we follow the guidelines of the Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC-2020). Also, follow ACI Code: ACI-318. For detailing purposes, we use ACI Detailing Manual-2020. We always ensure high design accuracy. Our high-end accuracy leads us to the Best Architectural Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


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1. Project Information Collection:

Generally, clients visit our office or call us over the phone. Then we try to find out their requirements. During the meeting or call, we try to know the plot size first. Then the road width, location of land, and ownership history etc. Most importantly, we ask to know the number of stories and type of project. We also try to understand the socio-economic conditions of the project area. Information collection is a very important part for us. It helps the overall efficiency of the total work.

2. Financial Proposals Submission:

After collecting project information, we prepared a detailed financial proposal. The proposal includes Scope of Works, Work Methodology, Terms and Conditions etc. A list of Deliverables, Timetable, Design Fees and Payment Methods are also included. We send the proposal through the client’s email or deliver the hard copy if required. Generally, consultancy fees vary in project to project. It depends on the volume of work, delivery time and type of project.

3. Negotiations and Review:

After getting a financial proposal, most of the clients want to go for negotiations. Generally, we arrange an online meeting for distant clients. Most importantly, a physical meeting for nearby ones. In this stage, the financial proposal may be revised or remain the same as before. We always try to create a win-win situation with clients. We are the top Architectural Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh to serve with cost-effective design.

4. Contract Sign:

After negotiations, the next part is the contract agreement. If clients feel good working with us, we formally go for a contract. The total work process and payment schedules are finally revised. Most of the time, we invite the client to visit our office to sign the contact. We also visit the client’s places if required. We take signing money from clients at this stage. Generally, we make contact on our company letterhead or Stamp.

5. Project Site Visit:

Before starting any design work, we always try to visit the project sites. Generally, the project visit is done by a design architect or a structural Engineer. During site visits, they note down project features carefully. Except for any special cases, we do not charge for this visit. For regular land, we take hand measurements. But for irregular land, we always conduct a Digital Topographic Survey to get the exact shape of land.

6. Preparation of Primary Plan:

In this step, we made a primary plan for the project. We once again have a sitting with clients to get detailed information. In this stage, we note down the needs of the main gate, each floor, rooftop etc. The colors, materials, and construction process are counted. Finally, we prepare a Primary Plan and deliver it to the clients for review and feedback. We generally take a certain time to complete this process. Because there are so many options for thinking about the project.

7. Plan Review and Approval:

In this step, clients take time to review the primary plan and feedback. If any major corrections are required, we will further revise the plan. We always try to understand the user’s experiences and their emotions. If everything is alright and clients become satisfied, we get approval from them. Sometimes, we arrange a physical meeting to get the primary plan final. We never mind doing various revisions for any project. We are ready to work up to the mark.

8. 3D Views and Animation:

3D View is the most important part of the project design stage. This is the graphical and visual format of the design output. The client can visualize their future project through 3D views. Sometimes we prepare the project animation as per the client’s needs. We do 3D views from different angles to make it understood better. We also take the approval of the 3D views and animations from the client. This is an important stage for the clients. Because the project looks like it will be completed.

9. Detail Design:

In this stage, we go for detailed architectural design. Floor plans, cross-sections, elevations, and building utility layouts are covered in this stage. The structural analysis and design were also done in this stage. We use ETABs and STAAD Pro software for structural analysis. GEAR and SAFE for structural design. ASDIP for foundation design. Electrical and plumbing design is also done in this stage. We follow the Time Saver Standards for architectural design. BNBC-2020 and ACI318-14 codes for structural designs.

10. Final Design Review:

After completing all necessary designs, we called an in-house review meeting. This meeting is done with design architects and concerned engineers. Basically, we arranged an open discussion that covers everything about the design. Finally, we note down all meeting outcomes. The reviews and meeting outcomes are further implemented with every design segment. After our internal review, we call for a client’s meeting. Discuss every possible thing with them.

11. Design Print and Delivery:

The final design goes to design page setup. The designs are reviewed once again. Generally, we print the design book on A3 paper. In the case of large projects, we print them on A2 or A1 paper also. Finally, we deliver the printed design books to the clients. The design book is duly signed by authorized people of our company. We also deliver soft copies via email in PDF format. Generally, we deliver one hard copy. But can provide as many as required upon client’s request.

12. Cost Estimate and BoQ:

When all design work is completed, the next major issue is project cost. We estimate the whole project works in detail. Generally, we also prepare itemized cost data tables as per the PWD schedule. Present market rates are also taken besides of the PWD schedule. Most importantly, we prepare the itemized bill of quantity to supply to the building contractors. We deliver the bill of quantity and cost estimation data sheet in printed format. We have an in-house fulltime experienced estimator to conduct the work perfectly.

13. Project Top Supervision:

The project layout setting is the most important part of starting construction. Our project engineers are always ready to move to the project site. They confirm whether the layout setting is correct or not. They confirm it according to the design. We also have top supervision during construction. Generally, our Architects and Structural Engineers visit projects at different stages of work.

14. Support During Construction:

In this stage, the contractor or client needs some support from us. Our architects and engineers are always ready to consult with them. We request our valuable clients to call during office hours. So, that we can help you to the point. We also have 24/7 Live Chat support through our website. We assure to maintain 100% after-sales support. SHELLMARK is the best Architectural Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh to provide the highest customer support in this industry.

Leading Building Design Company in Bangladesh


1. Project Location:

Before starting design work, we try to find the exact location of the project. Different types of projects are feasible at different locations. We always try to guide our valued clients in location selection. It helps them to build the right type of building in the right place. We always try to visit the project location physically. We do site visits to assess the site conditions of the proposed land. Clients generally ask to know the feasibility of the proposed project. We thoroughly investigate the project and provide the report.

2. Project Type:

Knowing the project type is the very important part. We try to know the types of projects very first. Whether it is residential, commercial, or any other categories. Most importantly, we guide our valued clients in project type selection. We always try to build profitable projects for 2 reasons. Firstly, the project owner can benefit from their investments. Secondly, we can show built-in projects to our new clients. We always own the projects we design.

3. Road Width:

Road networks are vital lookout for any size of project. An open and easy road network increases the value of a project. In the case of plan approval from RAJUK or any other authority, a wider road is good. Because it includes an additional Floor Area Ratio (FAR) to the building. As a result, the project gets more floor area. This is how we make more profitable projects. Most of municipalities also consider the road width for building height approval. They allow the total building height to be equal to the road width and space left in front. So, for high-rise buildings’ permission, a wider road is required.

4. Earthquake Load:

Bangladesh is located in a severe earthquake vulnerable zone. In building design, seismic load consideration is a must. There are four different seismic zones in Bangladesh. Zone-1: Low Risk, Zone-2: Moderate Risk, Zone-3: Severe Risk and Zone-4: Very Severe Risk zone. We follow the BNBC-2020 guidelines to calculate the seismic load effects on buildings. We do dynamic analysis (Response Spectrum Analysis-RSA) to calculate earthquake loads. Also, we consider site class, seismic design category and modal response as seismic design parameters.

5. Wind Load:

Wind load is also a vital design load in buildings. We follow the latest building code of Bangladesh BNBC-2020 to calculate the wind load effect. There is a district wise basic wind speed map on BNBC. The map was built with a 3 second gust speed. The return period of this map is 50 years. We design building structures by considering the Main Wind-Force Resisting System (MWFRS). Exposure condition, soil type, gust effect are considered here. Wind directional factors and important factors are also considered. We always design a building which resists maximum wind effect. Although we are an Architectural Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh, but we have full-time experienced Structural Engineers.

6. DAP Check:

We follow the latest Detailed Area Plan(DAP) Gazette in Dhaka City. It was published on 23rd August’2022. The new DAP has validity up to 2035. There are two types of Floor Area Ratio (FAR) in the new DAP. Firstly, the plot FAR and secondly, the area FAR. There are different types of land use in DAP. Urban Residential Zone, Commercial Zone, Industrial Zone, and Mixed-use Zone are notable. Also, there are some restricted zones. Where any type of building cannot be permitted to build. Water bodies, Floor Flow Zone, Overlay Zone, etc. are restricted zones. We always help the project owners to check DAP in free of cost.

7. Project Cost:

Project cost is a vital issue for any project planning. We tried to outline the estimated cost to the project owner. We do it before going through the final project planning. Also, we also provide item-wise project cost estimates.  We provide it at the end of the detailed design. It helps the owners to get a project loan. They can also control their material flow during construction. Also, help to reduce the wastage of construction materials. Our estimate can prevent the misuse of materials. Also, prevent unfair means of contractors.

8. Project Approval:

Any small or large projects, approval must be taken from required authorities. Projects in Dhaka City need permission from RAJUK. It takes 2 to 3 Months to get project approval from RAJUK. For Chittagong City needs from CDA. Projects in City Corporation areas need approval from them. We prepare the detailed project approval sheet. We supply it to the owner, duly signed by the Enlisted Architects and Engineers. Generally, municipalities can approve building plans up to 7 stories. Beyond 7 stories, the plan must be approved by the respective district Committee. 

9. Cost-Effective Design:

Cost is a major issue for any project. Project owners always look after lowering the total cost. It is a major duty of the designer to minimize the project cost. Project costs can be minimized in a number of ways. Firstly, doing rational analysis and design of the project. Secondly, optimum use of construction materials. Thirdly, use of locally available materials. We at SHELLMARK, try to deliver a cost-effective design solution. We use computer-aided analysis and design to reduce project costs.

10. Return on Investment:

Every project owner looks for the maximum return from their investment. This can be done in two ways. Firstly, proper project planning and design. Secondly, timely hand over the projects. These jobs reduce the breakeven of a project. We always try to deliver a detailed return on investment plan for our clients. So that they can easily get back their returns within the shortest time. We always try to shorten the Return on Investments in three ways. Firstly, by speeding up the construction period. Secondly, cost-effective design concepts. Thirdly, using available local materials in construction.

11. Exterior Beauty:

We always believe in the luxurious exterior beauty. It helps to get potential customers. Our project exterior views and animation help the project owner to visualize their future projects. Even before construction started. We provide modern and good-looking design for all of our projects. Our 3D views include front, left, right, back, and birds’ eye views. We also provide more 3D views if required. It depends on the clients request and project demand. Once the project is built, nothing can be changed. So, this is the stage to look at how the future project will look like.

12. Project Features:

We always make a list to note down project features before starting any design work. Generally, we arrange several seats with project owners to do so. We also prepare and detail project requirements. We send it to the project owners and get approval of it.  The unit facilities, car parking, number of stories, number of basement floors, building utility, cross ventilation, privacy, safety, security, color themes, material use are covered in this stage. The rooftop management is covered in this part of the design. We always try to provide maximum building facilities and usability on limited resources.

13. Project Life Span:

Generally, a building has been designed for about 100 years. We design all the components of the building to ensure a long lifetime and durability. We consider the earthquake and wind load of a building. This prolongs the durability and lifetime of a building structure. We also consider the time-dependent effects like shrinkage, creep, fatigue etc. in design. Which leads to a structure to a longer lifespan. Also, the quality of construction is liable to building life. Project owners must ensure quality construction. We also have top supervision to ensure quality construction. 

14. Environment Friendly:

We consider the environmental impact of a project. We can make sure of it in different ways. Firstly, use of available local materials. Secondly, creation of green spaces in buildings. Thirdly, use of solar panels for energy saving. Finally, rainwater harvesting and wastewater management practice. We also set up sewerage treatment plants for some projects. Providing natural ventilation and lights is also nature-friendly practice. We also make the building super usable. Fire safety is also considered in design.

15. Setting the Trends:

We always follow the current trend of building design. We constantly do research on modern building design trends. SHELLMARK LIMITED is the Best Architectural Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh to provide trendy design. We regularly update and reshuffle ourselves with the current trends of design philosophy. Also, we are gradually increasing our design capacity to handle any kind of project in Bangladesh. We try to do every better render to our new projects. One project got better rendered than previous ones.

Top Architectural Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh


1. RAJUK Registered Architects:

We have experienced architects, who graduated from BUET. They are also members of The Institute of Architects Bangladesh (IAB). Our Architects are registered with RAJUK. They are entitled to design according to the new DAP: 2022-2035. Always take architectural design services from registered Architects. This ensures the maximum utilization of your space. Also provide usable and safe residence. We have got registered Architects which rank us as the Best Architectural Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

2. RAJUK Enlisted Engineers:

Most of our Structural Engineers graduated from the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). Our Design Engineers are corporate members of The Institution of Engineers Bangladesh (IEB). Our chief Structural Engineer has been enlisted by RAJUK. We follow the latest DAP:2022-2035 gazette published on 23 August 2022. We have experience calculating FAR, MGC, and setback according to new rules.

3. Certified Electro-mechanical Engineers:

We consider electro-mechanical services as an important part of a building. SHELLMARK got industry certified MEP engineers. They are capable of handling complex issues within the shortest time. Optimum and sustainable design is our main motto. We provide a full-set design, detailing, estimate, and bill of quantities for MEP design. We also have the workforce to implement and supervise Electro-mechanical works. 

4. Registered Fire-Safety Experts:

Fire hazards are becoming a challenging issue day by day. Most of the buildings in Dhaka City do not follow fire rules. They don’t even have proper fire safety design. So, we take fire-safety as a vital design consideration. We have experienced fire-safety experts. They are capable of designing fire-proof buildings. Our fire safety experts are registered with the Fire Service and Civil Defense Authority. We have experience with both fire detection and fire protection design. We have engineers to ensure top supervision during installation.

5. Earthquake Resistance Design:

Earthquake forces are considered the most vulnerable loads on buildings. It is considered as a very uncertain lateral force for any building structure. Geographically, Bangladesh is situated in a very active seismic vulnerable zone. A moderate level earthquake will damage most of the non-engineered buildings in Dhaka City. We ensure earthquake resistance building analysis and design to keep you safe as well as your buildings. We strongly follow BNBC-2020 guidelines in this regard.

6. 12+ Years in Business:

We have been dealing with building consultancy services for more than 12 years. SHELLMARK LIMITED is the top 10 Architectural Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our experienced architects and engineers are always with you to design your dream house. We always try to execute our experience in new designs. We design residential, commercial and industrial projects in Bangladesh.

7. Cost Effective Safe Design:

Building cost is the main thinking of project owners. Building costs can be minimized by proper planning and optimized design. The cost-effective safe building design is the motto of our services. We always try to maintain the highest level of cost-effective design. Also ensure the ultimate safety of the structures. We never compromise building safety over cost.

8. Follow Latest Building Codes:

We do structural analysis and design following the latest building codes. Follow BNBC-2020 for structural analysis. Structural design in accordance with ACI318-14 and ASCE07-05. Structural detailing with ACI Detailing Manual-2020. We use computer-aided software. ETABs, STAD Pro, GEAR, ASDIP foundation and SAFE are most of them. We calculate the Live Loads, Dead Loads, Superimposed Loads, Earthquake Loads, and Wind Loads as per the latest code of Bangladesh.

9. Fast Customer Support:

We have dedicated and friendly customer support executives. They are always ready to support you. We provide top supervision during construction. Our project engineers always keep in touch with landowners and Contractors during construction. Please feel free to call us for any types of building design-related issues. Hotline: +8801711991792

10. Customer Satisfaction:

We always focus on customer needs. Believe in their full satisfaction. We focused on proper space use, privacy, usability, esthetical views. Material flow control and quality works is also our major concern. We always ensure quality work both in design and implementation. We continue working up to mark. Client satisfaction and emotions are our first priority.

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1. RANGPUR TOWER, 20 Storied Commercial Building with 2 Basements

RANGPUR TOWER is one of our prestigious projects. It’s on 20 katha commercial land in the HUB of Rangpur City. It is located at Dhap Medical More and besides Dhaka-Rangpur Highway. The project consists of 20 commercial floors with 2 basements. the total built-up floor area is about 2,50,000 square feet. There are medicine shops up to the 2nd floor. Hospital and diagnostic center on 3rd to 10th Floor. Office spaces and banquet hall are on the 11th to 18th floors. Rooftop Restaurant on the 19th Floor and roof together.


SHELLMARK LIMITED has successfully completed the design of the first SKY DINE RESTAURANT in Bangladesh in 2021. The Restaurant was named “DINE IN THE SKY”. It is located at Inani Beach, Cox’s Bazar. The owner of the Fly Dining Restaurant was TARAZ CONSTRUCTION, Dubai. This type of Flying Dine restaurant is a very new concept in Bangladesh. We are optimistic about designing more such SKY DINERS in prime locations in Bangladesh. It will be the next generation’s thrilling amusement destination. It is already has got popularity for all classes of people.

3. Bangabandhu Satellite-1 Ground Station, Gazipur

Bangabandhu Satellite-1 is the only and first satellite in Bangladesh. The biggest main ground station has set up at Joydebpur, Gazipur. SHELLMARK has conducted the Sub-soil investigation of the prestigious project. The work has been conducted on behalf of Square Informatix Limited. We have ensured the ultimate field and lab accuracy. It was our privilege to work on such a special project in Bangladesh.

4. China Energy Engineering Group, Powerplant Projects

China Energy Engineering Group is the 100% Chinese State-Owned Energy Company. They have 10 Nos Power Station Projects in the Eastern Zone of Bangladesh. SHELLMARK has conducted the Digital Topographic Survey of the 10 Power Station Projects. The projects were located in Brahmanbaria, Cumilla, and Chandpur District. Our report was vetted by the Power Development Board. We were able to work up to the mark.

5. Airport Village Complex(IPCO Complex), Dhaka

The Airport Village is just near Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka. It is the most prestigious state-of-art Airport Hotel and Shopping Complex. It is the mega leisure project in Bangladesh. SHELLMARK has conducted about 2,50,000 square feet cladding survey. The total complex comprises with a five-star hotel and a shopping mall. The project was constructed by IPCO Hotels Ltd & IPCO Developments Ltd.

6. Muhuri Irrigation Project, Feni, Cumilla and Chattagram

Muhuri Irrigation Project is the largest irrigation project in Bangladesh. We have conducted a digital topographic canal survey. The project was about 240 km irrigation canal. The project is located at Feni Sadar, Fulgazi, Songazi, Porshuram, Chagalnaiya in Feni District. Mirsharai and Sitakunda in Chittagong District. We have executed the Pre-works and Post Works Survey. We have prepared the canal long section and cross-section. It was a project of the Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB). The project was financed by the Asia Development Bank (ADB). We completed the works in 2019.

7. Pallathal Tea Estate(Largest Tea Estate in Bangladesh), Moulvibazar

The Pallathal Tea Estate is the oldest Tea Garden in Bangladesh. It is located at Borolekha Upazila, Moulvibazar. The Tea Estate was established in the 1920s. It was made as Pallathal Division under Hindustan Tea Company Limited. SHELLMARK has conducted the Digital Topographic Land Survey and Contour Survey. The project area was about 870 Acres. The masterplan and expansion schedule have also been done by us.

Top 10 Famous Architects in Bangladesh


1. What is Architectural firm?

The term “Architectural Firm” refers to a company. Also, an association of a group of Architects. The architectural firm provides the architectural design. Different firms are experts at designing different types of buildings. There are residential, commercial, institutional, hospitals, duplex, triplex etc. SHELLMARK LIMITED is the Best Architectural Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

2. Who are the famous Architects in Bangladesh?

There are a number of famous Architects in Bangladesh. They are doing their best in the development of Bangladesh. There are different types of professional Architects. Firstly, having their own practicing architectural firm. Secondly, Freelance Architects. Thirdly, doing Govt. or private jobs. Please click on the link below to see the full list. List of Famous Architects in Bangladesh.

3. What does SHELLMARK means?

The name “SHELLMARK” comes from two terms. Firstly, “SHELL” means the hard and protective outer cover of a “Snail”. From the engineering point, “SHELL” means a protective house. Secondly, “MARK” means a symbol on the earth’s surface. So, “SHELLMARK” means a protective house on the earth’s surface. The name was given by the founder of SHELLMARK LIMITED.

4. Do you have BUET Architects?

Most of our Architects graduated from BUET. They also have more than 12 years of experience. They are also members of the Institute of Architects Bangladesh (IAB). Also, Registered at Rajdhani Unnayan Katripakkha (RAJUK). They are experienced at designing so many projects in Bangladesh. We at SHELLMARK are really passionate about delivering the best output for your dream projects.

5. Do you have RAJUK enlisted Structural Engineers?

Most of our structural engineers are enlisted to RAJUK.  They are enlisted under the legislative of Dhaka Mahanagar Imarat Nirman Bidhimala-2023. It complies with the Urban Resilience Project (URP) of BNBC. Our structural engineers have more than 15 years of experience. They are experienced in high-rise building design. All of our design engineers are members and fellows of The Institution of Engineers Bangladesh (IEB).

6. Which Building Codes you follow?

We always practice the latest building codes. We Analyze and design the buildings according to the BNBC-2020. Calculate the loads, shears, moments, and torsions according to this code. The structural detailing is carried out in accordance with the ACI Detailing Manual-2020. We follow Time Saver Standards for Architectural Design. We also follow the earthquake resistance detailing provisions in the BNBC-2020, Part-6, Chapter-8

7. Which Software you use in Building Design?

We use different types of software for the analysis and design of building structures. The ETABs and STAD Pro for structural analysis. The GEAR and SAFE for structural design. ASDIP for foundation design. 3D Studio Max and V-ray for Architectural 3D and Animations. AutoCAD for design drafting. Sometimes, we use SketchUp and Lumion for 3D modeling. We are capable of rendering day and night views of buildings. We always provide high quality render.

8. How many times you revise the proposed plan?

A client can ask for several revisions as they need. We have no limits on it. Before starting the plan, we collect their requirements. Then review the possibilities. Generally, we are always ready to revise the plan up to the client’s full satisfaction. We always try to honor clients’ needs and emotions. Conduct several meetings with clients before finalizing. We always try to count their reviews and suggestions. 

9. Can we visit your designed project physically?

Yes, of course! You are cordially invited to visit our ongoing projects. We have so many projects in different locations in the capital city, Dhaka. Also, many other prime cities in Bangladesh. We will try to show projects near you. Our Customer Support Engineers will guide you to visit the project. You can see our designed projects on our website before visits. Also, we can share the project profile in PDF format.

10. What papers required for RAJUK plan approval?

An approval sheet is required for getting plan approval from any authority. Almost the same requirements for RAJUK, CDA, KDA and RDA. There are few different rules for city corporations and municipalities. The approval sheet consists of mouza map, site plan, floor plans, elevations, cross-sections etc. Locations of utility services, FAR and MGC calculation are also required. Some land documents are also required. Land registry, via land registry, mutation, DCR etc. Updated land tax, tax return and TIN are also required.  All these need to be submitted with the prescribed application form.

11. Do you have any support during Building Construction?

Yes! Obviously. We have project management services for building construction. We provide project site visits by experienced project engineers. Our design Architect and Structural Engineer also visit sites if required. We also have 24/7 live chat support through our website. We are ready to support any types of queries and clarifications. The engaged contractor can also contact us over the phone.

12. Do you have offices outside Dhaka City?

No, we do not have any branch or liaison offices outside Dhaka. It is for 2 reasons. Firstly, we are capable of moving any district within a day. Secondly, we want to connect with potential customers directly. Most importantly, the liaison office always misuses the brand value of the mother company. So, our only corporate office is in the capital city, Dhaka. We provide services all over Bangladesh from our corporate office. Our team is always ready to move your project locations at any time.

13. How Long you are in Business?

We have been working on architectural and structural design services for more than 12 years. SHELLMARK LIMITED was established in 2012 as an architectural design firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Later in 2014, it was incorporated as a private limited company. Registered under the Companies Act-1994. Currently, we are working on architectural design, structural design, electrical, plumbing design, soil testing services, digital land survey, and project management. Now we are the top 10 Architectural Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh.