Best Interior Design Company in Dhaka Bangladesh

Interior design is closely related to the prestigious lifestyle. Interior Design involves the highest level of dimensional accuracy. Even every inch of a space can be designed to give its aesthetic look. There are a lot of interior design firms in Bangladesh. Among them, SHELLMARK is the best Interior Design company in Dhaka Bangladesh. Interior works are very challenging for both clients and designers customer satisfaction is the focal point in interior design. We do turnkey basis interior works in Bangladesh. You will find us reliable and trustworthy in every aspect of our engagement. We do the cost-effective interior design works in Bangladesh. SHELLMARK is a promising venture to deliver projects within time schedule. We are dealing with interior design services since 2012.

Our Interior Design Services


  • Living Room Interior
  • Dining Room Interior
  • Bed Room Interior
  • Kitchen Room Interior
  • Entry Gate Interior
  • Duplex House Interior
  • Triplex Villa Interior
  • Rooftop Interior


  • Office Room Interior
  • Restaurant Interior
  • Community Hall Interior
  • Showroom Interior
  • Retail Shop Interior
  • Gym Interior
  • Sports Zone Interior
  • Shopping Mall Interior
  • Super Shop Interior
  • Rooftop Gardening
  • Landscaping Design
  • Fountain Design
  • Hotel Interior

Our Interior Design Work Process :

Interior Design is a sequential work. It must follow a step-by-step work process to complete the entire job. The Interior design cost in Bangladesh depends on various parameters. The volume of projects and the use of materials are the major issues. We are the best top 10 Interior Design Company in Bangladesh. We do turn-key project interior design at affordable cost. The whole process of our interior design work is described below-

Step-01: Collection of Project Information

Collection of Interior project information from prospective clients is the very beginning step. Most of our clients call us Though our website’s call to action button. We undergo a detailed conversation over the phone to collect preliminary project information. Generally, we ask for the Location of the project, type of work, and volume of the project. In this step, we have a small discussion about the project budget.

Step-02: Project Site Visit

We consider interior design work as a very specific task. As interior design covers an inch space of a project. So, a site visit before starting any work is a must. We generally fix up a project site visit within one day inside Dhaka city. For projects outside Dhaka city Generally, we set a site visit schedule in two to three days. We try to make the site visit in presence of project owners. So, that we can take clarification of their taste. Interior design is an art. So! The design tastes vary from client to client. We do customize the interior design for all of our engagements.

Step-03: Program Finalization

After completing the site visit, we arrange a physical meeting with the project owner. Generally, we list out the project Planning and program. We try to cover itemized design elements and color combinations in this step. The clients’ requirements in our first priority. Sometimes, we discuss the feasibility with the client’s demands. We also try to understand the tentative budget of the client. So, we can suggest a suitable design solution at an affordable cost. The cost-effective unique design is the motto of our services.

Step-04: Submission of Quotation

In This step, we prepare a financial proposal according to the site visit and program formulations. The scope of work, design charge, material use, and design terms are accumulated with the proposal. The time required for the design and mode of payment is also mentioned in the financial proposal. The terms of conditions and validity of the proposal are also stated there. We also mention the total volume of works and deliverables in the Quotation. Generally, we send the financial proposal throng email. Sometimes we send the hard copy as per the client’s request.

Step-05: Contract Sign

We always try to have a formal contract signed with the client. It is helpful for parties to better understand the project from start to completion. Generally, we take an advanced payment at the time of signing the contract. The scope of works, deliverables, time schedule, list of deliverables, mode of payment, and terms and conditions are mentioned in the contract agreement.

Step-06: Preparation of 2D Conceptual Design

At the beginning of the interior design, we try to solve the space. To do so, we prepare 2D conceptual plan and elevation of whole project spaces. We send the conceptual design to the client for review and suggestions. After getting the review and comments we do the necessary upgrades or alternatives. Finally, we take approval for the 2D design from the client.

Step-07: 3D Visualization

After getting approval for 2D Design, we review the use of materials in interior works. We make a list of materials used in the entire work. When everything is set, we go for 3D visualization. We cover the 3D Design of every segment of the whole interior work. Generally, we send the 3D visualization output via email for customer feedback. After getting customer reviews, we finalize the 3D visualizations.

Step-08: Working Design & Delivery

After completing the 3D visualization, we go for a detailed working design. Detail measurements of every part of the plan and elevations are given in the working Design. When all designs are get completed, we deliver them in printed format. 3D views are also printed on photo paper. We deliver full sets of designs to the client in a physical meeting.

Step-09: Cost Estimation

Cost is the major issue for any development. Most of the clients hanker after the cost of the project. We help them by providing itemized detailed estimates and BOQ. Cost Estimation is our add-on service. We take additional charge for it.

Step-10: Supervision During Work in progress

We have full support for project supervision. Our design term co-operates with interior workers and gives guidelines for doing work as per design. There may need some changes during the work-in-process. We have full support for charge design. The site visit is also an add-on service, so we take charge of it. We are the best Interior Design Company in Dhaka Bangladesh.