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Best Building Design in Bangladesh

Building Design in Bangladesh involves specific guidelines. You must follow the Bangladesh National Building Code, BNBC-2020. If your building is within Dhaka City. You must follow RAJUK rules for building construction. Besides, RAJUK there are individual rules for:
1. CDA-Chittagong Development Authority
2. KDA- Khulna Development Authority
3. RDA- Rajshahi Development Authority
4. COXDA- Cox’s Bazar Development Authority.
In the case of a DOHS plot, you have to follow the Cantonment Board Authority(CBA) Rules. If your building is near the airport area. There must be a height restriction. The height clearance must be taken from the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh(CAAB). Buildings under Municipality and City Corporation have their own rules. They follow the Building Construction Act 1996. Before starting any construction work, permission is a must. Even a building under Union Parishad needs plan approval. They have the authority to approve up to 7 storied buildings. SHELLMARK LIMITED is the best Building Design Company in Bangladesh. We have full-service facilities to design buildings all over Bangladesh.

Types of Building in Bangladesh

There are different types of buildings in Bangladesh. They are classified according to their use. 

1. Residential Building

This type of building can be used only for living purposes. It may be a single-family residence or a multi-family.  There must be sleeping facilities. The dining area, bathroom, and kitchen are common features. For single-family use, you may build a duplex or triplex house. But for multifamily residences, you have to build a high-rise complex. In the modern age, it’s called an apartment or flat. Residential hotels, Mess, Boarding, and Dormitories are also included in this category. A residential building never be used for other purposes.

2. Commercial Building

This type of building is used for Offices, Shops, and Markets purposes. You never use a commercial approved building as your residence. Research and Testing laboratories are in this category. Large shopping malls, refueling stations are also commercial building. There may have light storage facilities for document storage. Fire hazards is the vital design consideration in this building. 

3. Industrial Building

The buildings under this category are mainly used for Industrial use. Industrial buildings are basically two types. They are classified based on hazardous use. Firstly, Low Hazardous Industry. Secondly, Moderate Hazardous Industry. Small and medium industry are in low hazardous. Heavy industries are in moderate hazardous. The design criteria and loads are different than residential buildings.

4. Institutional Building

Institutional building may be an educational institution or any other. School, College and university are in this category. Health Care institutions are also in this category. Children Care, Old Care, Day care are institutional buildings. These types of buildings are considered very important building. Because there are high possibilities of life risks. Special care must be taken while design.

5. Hospital Building

Hospital and patient care homes are in this category. General Hospital, Doctor Chamber, and Diagnostic Centers are in common. Fire hazard is the main design consideration. Also, the Electromechanical and plumbing design needs extra care. Wheelchair access, Stretcher movement and cargo lifts are main design features. This type of buildings needs more spaces for patient waiting and hygienic facilities.

6. Religious Building

Mosques, Temple, Pagoda and Church are in this category. This type of building is considered as assembly building. This type of buildings is mainly used for spiritual purpose. The main design criteria are historical and religious archeology. Large span and specious domes are the critical design part. There are so many beautiful mosques are designed by us all over Bangladesh.

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