Best Digital Land Survey in Bangladesh

Best Digital Land Survey Company in Bangladesh

Before coming up with a new project, it’s absolutely necessary to conduct a Digital Land Survey from a Best Digital Land Survey Company in Bangladesh. Which helps you to get the correct form of land management. A manual hand survey cannot turn out correct measuring. Tapes and chains have innumerable limitations and errors. In this case, the digital land survey may mitigate these issues. It’s the EDM which stands for Electronic Distance measuring. We’ve got EDM devices like Total Station, Level, surveyor’s instrument, etc. to handle any MEGA projects in Bangladesh. We have successfully conducted 150+ Digital Land Surveys in Bangladesh. We always try to maintain the highest level of accuracy and precision in all of our engagements. Our experienced Digital Land Surveyor will assist you to get the actual measurement of your project area.

Best Digital Land Survey Company in Bangladesh

Planning to start your new project? Here we are to serve you. We have successfully completed some mega projects in Bangladesh. Topographic survey of 10 Power Station Projects for China Energy Engineering Group(CEEG). Jahanabad Cantonment, Khulna of about 246 Acres of land. Pallathol Tea Resort at Moulovibazar of 870 Acres of Land. ADB Financed Muhuri Irrigation Projects of 240km Irrigation Canal. IPCO Complex Airport Village of 2,50,000 SFT Cladding Survey etc. Currently, we are working with PWD, RHD, WDB, PDB, and LGED Projects.


  • Digital Topographic Survey
  • Layout/Setting out Survey
  • Railway Survey
  • River and Irrigation Canal Survey(Pre & Post Work)
  • Transmission Line Survey
  • Drawing Digitization
  • DGPS Survey
  • Contour Survey
  • Pipeline/Gasline Survey
  • Airport Base Survey
  • Airport Base Bridge Survey
  • As Build Survey of Existing Structure
  • Map Pantographic
  • Cladding Survey
  • Township Survey
  • Road and Highway Survey
  • Dam Survey(Pre & Post Work)
  • Hill Survey
  • Earth Cutting & Filling Calculation
  • RTK GPS Survey
  • Facade Survey

Best Digital Land Survey in Bangladesh


  • Level Machine (3 Set)
  • RTK GPS (1 Set)
  • Level Machine (20 Nos)
  • DHLR Camera (1 Nos)
  • Vehicle (2 Nos)
  • HP Plotter(1 Nos)
  • GPS (5 Set)
  • Hydrographic Instrument (1 Set)
  • Mini Prismatic (5 Nos)
  • Walkie-Talkie(10 Nos)
  • Laptop (10 Nos)
  • Scanner(3 Nos)
  • DGPS (1 Set)
  • A3 Printer (2 Nos)
  • Accuracy Stand (5 Nos)
  • Security Dress (30 Net)
  • Notebook (2 Nos)
  • Photocopier (3 Nos)


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Why SHELLMARK is the Best Digital Land Survey Company in Bangladesh?

1. 10+ Years Experience in Survey Works

SHELLMARK LIMITED is working in the Digital Land survey sector for more than 12 Years. We have conducted a large number of projects in different Government and Private Organizations. We have successfully delivered about 150+ projects since our inception. Today SHELLMARK is the top most popular name in the List of Digital Land Survey Companies in Bangladesh. We have a lot of experience in Topographic Survey, Contour Survey, Layout Survey, and Layout Survey. We are also experienced in Irrigation Canal Survey. SHELLMARK has completed about 240 km Long and cross-sectional survey for Muhuri Irrigation Projects in 2018. Muhuri Irrigation Project is the Largest Irrigation project in South Asia.

2. We Have 64 Districts of Service Coverage

Whether it is a Small or Large Digital survey works. Our team is ready to move any Districts within the possible shortest time. We are capable to mobilize our team and equipment to any district within 24 hours prior to confirmation. Our swift and committed service ranks us in the Top 10 Digital Land Survey Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We have our own logistics facilities to move any project location. Most importantly, we carry our equipment along with our Laptop so that we can able to prepare the data processing at the working district. But we take at least 2 days to move to hilly areas i.e Chittagong, Khagrachari, and Bandarban. We also do the same for coastal areas i.e Sandip, Saintmartin, and Kuakata.

3. Experienced Digital Survey Team

Most of our survey Experts are Diploma holders from Reputed Survey Institutes. Our Lead Surveyors are more than 20 years experienced. Senior Surveyors are more than 15 years. Every Survey assistant is more than 5 years of experience in the relevant field. We never recruit any trainee surveyor in our company. We also follow a specific recruitment policy to pick up the best surveyor. A newly appointed surveyor is kept in 6 months probation period to observe his performance. During this period he works as a Survey Assistant with the senior surveyor. We also try to retain our surveyor for long years to our company. You must not have any confusion about the capacity of our surveyors anymore.

4. Maintain Highest Field Accuracy

Fieldwork accuracy is the most important issue in Digital Survey Works. we always try to maintain 3mm accuracy in small projects and 5mm accuracy in Large projects. Which is possible maximum accuracy in Digital Survey Works. We always cover more possible points on the field to assure the highest field performance. It is difficult to maintain the highest accuracy in level flying works. We have a proven level fly accuracy of 2 inches in a 150 Km survey of Muhuri Project Canal Survey work. We always ask our clients to be present at the site during survey works. Which ensures the highest accuracy and mitigates field confusion. If any confusion arises during data processing, we generally move to the site again to become sure. It is your kind information that you, be sure about your boundary dispute before hiring a Digital Land Survey Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

5. Secured Data Privacy and Accuracy
Data privacy is a burning issue in Digital Land Survey Works. The field data may be edited or manipulated by any unfair means. We are very strict in this process. We never share or manipulate our field data in any instances. The machine stored data has been directly transferred to our secured Data Processing Lab by our experienced system Administrator. The machine-readable data has been processed further to prepare the final report. Sometimes we may supply machine-collected raw data to clients for father verifications. Thus, SHELLMARK become the trusted name in the digital Land survey field in Bangladesh. We have a punishment policy for having such a claim from our valued client. We always maintain zero tolerance for such issues. A surveyor’s employment must be terminated any unfair means proved against him.
6. Single Day Report Delivery

Digital Survey is always an urgent issue for the client. Everybody conducts Digital surveys at the very beginning stage of the project. So, they want the report as quickly as possible. As a result, keeping the urgency in mind, We always try to deliver the survey report within one day. To do so, we follow some sequential proceedings. Firstly, When fieldwork is finished, the data has been processed on the same day or night. Secondly, Our night shift data processing experts, prepare the report and deliver the Lead Surveyor. Thirdly, the lead surveyor check all data processing and output drawing within shortest possible time. Finally, We deliver the printed copy of survey reports duly signed by the engaged Surveyor and the soft copy as well.

7. Use Latest Survey Technologies

The survey technologies are updating day by day. The procedures and equipment are upgraded for the time being. So, We are constantly upgrading ourselves with modern trends for three reasons. Firstly, we want to lead the Digital Survey industry by providing quality work. Secondly, want to build a brand value for ourselves. Thirdly, want to provide the latest technological support for our valued clients. We always use the latest and updated Survey Technologies in conducting Digital Land Survey Works in Bangladesh. SHELLMARK uses Total Station Machines to conduct Topographic and Contour Surveys. For GPS surveys, we use DGPS or RTK GPS. Most of the survey equipment is imported from Japan. We use the top Japanese Branded Total stations named, Topcon, South, SOKKIA, etc. We use the latest data processing software and plotting applications. SHELLMARK is whole-hearted to supply the survey report in CAD format.

8. Cost-Effective Digital Survey Rates

Our Digital Land Survey Costs in Bangladesh are the most relevant and competitive. Our plot survey rates within Dhaka city start from Tk.10,000/site. For outside Dhaka city, our plot survey rate is Tk.15,000/site to Tk.25000/site depending on the distance from Dhaka to project Locations. For large projects like 500 to 1000 Acres, we have special rates. We have also discounted rates for our corporate clients. We also provide a daily basis survey team with very cheap rates all over Bangladesh. Some companies solely engage us for all of their digital survey works. We offer a package price for them. Ultimately, the cost differs from a variety of factors. We have RTK GPS survey facilities with skilled surveyors. The hire charge of RTK GPS is Tk.20000/Day. The daily charge for Surveyors is to be added to the hire price.

9. Calibration of Equipment Regularly

Survey Equipment may show errors while Long term use. The system application needs to be updated regularly. Regular Calibration from an authentic and certified institute may resolve the error problem. The only reliable calibration Institute in Bangladesh is BUET. There are also some private calibration and validation companies. But, we calibrate all of our equipment from BUET. So, there are fewer possibilities to get error data from our machines. We send our machine to the calibration lab at regular intervals. So, there is nothing to hesitate about our machine’s accuracy. We do regular calibration for two major reasons. Firstly, to obtain the accurate filed data through our machines. Secondly, Keep our machines healthy for long years.

10. Capable of Handling Mega Projects

We have sufficient equipment, expert manpower, and Lab facilities to handle any mega projects in Bangladesh. We have already handled some mega projects in Bangladesh. ADB Financed 240km canal pre-work and post-work survey for Muhuri Irrigation Project. The project is located in eight Upazilas of Comilla, Feni, and Chittagong. About 870 Acres of Pallthal Tea Estate at Moulovibazar. About 250000 SFT of Airport Village Cladding Survey. Conducted 10 Nos Power stations Survey of China Energy Engineering Group. The CEEG project was located in Comilla, Chandpur, and Brahmanbaria Districts. Masterplan survey of Jahanabad Cantonment at Khulna. We have completed numerous projects for most of the govt. authorities like PWD, RHD, LGED, etc.

List of Our Notable Digital Survey Works:

SHELLMARK has conducted more than 150 Digital Land surveys all over Bangladesh. Our Efficient Service and Awesome Projects lead us to the Best Digital land Survey Company in Bangladesh. We consider every little task counts. Our proceedings and formalities are very relaxing. So you will find us comfortable to work with.

Our mega projects


Client Name

Description of Works




Pallathal Tea Estate.

Digital Topographic and Contour Survey for Re-development of Tea Estate.

Shahabajpur, Borolekha, Moulvibazar.

870.47 Acre


Muhuri Irrigation Project, Irrigation Management Operator(IMO), Asian Development Bank(ADB) Executed by: Bangladesh Water Development Board.

Pre-Work & Post-Work Survey & Estimate for Rehabilitation of Coastal Embankment, Re-Excavation of Khals Group – 1 and Re-Excavation of Khals Group – 2 in C/W IMIP Project under Feni O & M Division, BWDB, Feni During the year 2017-18 (Package No – CW – 09).

Feni, Chittagong, Comilla and Chandpur.

240 Km


Dhaka North City Corporation(DNCC).

Digital Road Survey for Improvement and Construction of Roads, Drains, and Footpaths under DNCC.

Block-A, Aveneu-1 Mirpur-10.

18 Km


Airport Village Shopping Complex, IPCO Complex.

Digital Cladding Survey for Airport Village Shopping Complex and IPCO Retail.

Hazrat Shajalal Internation Airport, Dhaka.

2.5 Lac Sft


Jahanabad Cantonment Khulna, Bangladesh Army.

Existing Digital Topographic survey for preparation master plan of Jahanabad Cantonment, Khulna.

Gilatola, Khulna.

246 Acre

foreign projects


Client Name

Description of Works




China Energy Engineering Group Co. Ltd Executed by: Bangladesh Power Development Board(BPDB) .

Digital Topographic Survey of Extension of 33 KV Switchyard at 132/33 KV Harindhara Gride Substation, Cumilla.

Harindhara, Cumilla.

14700.292 Sft


China Energy Engineering Group Co. Ltd Executed by: Bangladesh Power Development Board(BPDB).

Digital Topographic Survey of Extension of 33/11 KV AIS Substation at Chauddagram, Cumilla.

Chauddagram, Comilla.

11389.320 Sft


China Energy Engineering Group Co. Ltd Executed by: Bangladesh Power Development Board(BPDB).

Digital Topographic Survey of Extension of 33/11 KV AIS Substation at Simrael Puran Kandi Power House, Brahmanbaria.

Purankandi, Brahmanbaria.

9324.282 Sft


China Energy Engineering Group Co. Ltd Executed by: Bangladesh Power Development Board(BPDB).

Digital Topographic Survey of Extension of 33/11 KV AIS Substation at Sasongasa,Comilla.

Sasongasa, Comilla.

26909.585 Sft


China Energy Engineering Group Co. Ltd Executed by: Bangladesh Power Development Board(BPDB).

Digital Topographic Survey of Extension of 33/11 KV AIS Substation at Moynamoti Cantonment, Cumilla.

Cumilla Cantonment, Mainamati, Comilla.

30684.227 Sft

corporate projects


Client Name

Description of Works




Palli Mangal Karmasuchi.

Digital Topographic and Contour Survey.

Zirabo, Ashulia, Dhaka.

375 Decimal


DEKKO Group Factory.

Digital Topographic and Pantograph Survey.

Hemayetpur, Savar, Dhaka.

25 Bigha



Digital Topographic Survey.

Kashiani, Gopalganj.

6 Bigha


Bishal Centre.

Column Layout Survey.

Zirabo, Ashulia, Dhaka.

65 Nos


Creation Apartment Ltd.

Digital Topographic Survey.

Moghbazar, Dhaka.

10.69 Katha


National Construction Company Ltd.

Digital Topographic Survey.

Sreepur, Gazipur.

30 Bigha


NCC Tower.

Digital Topographic Survey.

Uttara, Sector-4, Dhaka.

8 Katha


GemTex Sourching Limited.

Digital Topographic Survey.

Shafipur, Gazipur.

35 Bigha


Islamic University Kushtia.

Digital Topographic Survey of Guest House.

Kallyanpur, Dhaka.

15 Katha


Holy Apartments Ltd.

Digital Topographic Survey.

Matikata, Dhaka Cantonment.

24 Katha


Homes 71 Limited.

Digital As-built Survey.

Matikata, Dhaka.

12 Storied


Pixel Properties Ltd.

Digital As-built Survey.

Bashundhara, Dhaka.

18 Storied


Samarai Convention Center.

Digital Topographic Survey.

Panthapath, Dhaka.

20 Bigha


A G Trading Company Ltd.

Digital Topographic Survey.

Bayzid Bostami, Chittagong.

26 Bigha


Gazi Commercial Complex.

Digital Topographic Survey.

Bonpara, Natore.

16 Decimal


ABC Corporation.

Digital Topographic Survey.

Savar, Dhaka.

10 Decimal

individual owner projects


Client Name

Description of Works





Digital Topographic Survey.

Sonapur, Chauddagram, Comilla.

60 Decimal


Mirpur Friends Garden.

Pile Layout Fixing.

Mirpur-6, Dhaka.

81 Nos Pile


Actor Jitu Ahsan.

Digital Topographic Survey.

Babubazar, Dhaka.

16 Decimal


RN Multiplan Centre.

Digital Topographic Survey.

Thanapara, Kushtia.

15 Katha

Why Digital Land Survey in Bangladesh is Important?

Bangladesh is a small but densely populated country. A piece of land here is most valuable and precious. The Capital city Dhaka is overpopulated and the scarcity of land is growing day by day. In order to utilize your precious land, Digital Land Survey is the most important part before going through any infrastructural development. A reputed and experienced Digital Land Survey Company can Assist you in the proper use of your valuable land.

1. Provide Accurate Shape and Size:

Land always may not be in regular shape and size. It may be irregular in horizontal or vertical undulations. Whatever the irregularities, we need to know the accurate shape and size of the prospective land. Any analog or manual survey can not mitigate and resolve all these issues. A Digital Land Survey using Total Station Machine can ensure the ultimate shape and size of land with dimensional accuracy. We at SHELLMARK LIMITED are dealing with Conducting Digital Land Survey word for more than 12 years.

2. Topographical Features of Land:

Whether you are planning to buy a piece of land or plan to develop your existing land, you just need to know the Topographical features of the proposed land. Digital Topographic Survey will provide you’re the exact features of the land. The Land features are boundary demarcation, internal or external road networks, transmission lines, the position of utility lines, water bodies, existing structures, trees, canals, etc. Also, the survey covers any other visual objects in the project catchment area. These features are most important in making any valuable decision regarding the esteemed project.

3. Proper Utilization of Land:

Maximum utilization of land is a pre-requisite of any Residential, Commercial, Institutional, or Industrial Development works. Only Digital Land Survey can ensure the proper use of land. Most Architects, Planners, or Engineers ask for conducting a Topographic or Contour Survey before starting their planning or designing works. They always look for precise dimensional accuracy of land size and angular specification of the project.

4. Mitigate Boundary Disputes:

Most of the shared land or paternal property comprises complicated boundary disputes. If you plan to buy any plot or want to divide your paternal property, first of all, you must mitigate the boundary anomalies. Conducting a Digital Land Survey work may lead you to mitigate the boundary issue or any horizontal and vertical irregularity. SHELLMARK is assuring to maintain the highest level of accuracy in resolving such disputes by conducting Digital Land Survey works using the Total Station Machine.

5. Earth Volume Calculation:

Land always may not be level, there must have some undulation. Especially in Barendra Bhumi and Hilly areas are irregular both vertically and horizontally. Before starting any development, the land must be in leveling. In this case, the same land somewhere needs land cutting, and somewhere needs landfilling. Digital Contour Survey provides the actual cutting and filling volume. It helps to estimate the Land Development cost accurately which saves money.

6. Global Positioning of Land:

Some Mega Project requires Global Position of Land i.e Latitude and Longitude. GPS and RTK GPS Survey provide the actual global position of land using satellite signals. It also provides the relative positions of plot objects and their vertical differences. All of the lands are not easily accessible. In that case, Drone Survey may cover the entire survey without taking the physical measurement of land.


As per our above discussion, we can conclude that an accurate land Survey is the most important part of any project. So try to engage an experienced and Best Digital Land Survey Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh to Conduct Survey works to get ultimate accurate results. This may lead you to save your valuable time and Property.

Digital Land Survey in Bangladesh Includes the Followings:

1. Provide Plot Boundary:

Most of the Digital Land Survey reports include the Land boundary. Whether it is regular in shape or irregular boundary demarcation, the primary task of a digital survey is fixing the plot boundary. Before conducting the digital survey, you have to solve the boundary conflict first. Whether the plot has a boundary wall or not, it doesn’t matter in Digital Survey Works.

2. Actual Land Area:

The second Primary content of a digital survey report is the actual Land area calculation. There is no better way to find the exact Land area except digital Land survey. We use the total station machine to conduct Digital Land Survey which is the most accurate EDM device in the world.

3. Elevation of Land:

The proposed surface of the land may not in the same Level. Sometimes, the land is found very undulated in a different position on the same plot. The Digital Land Survey report includes the Reduced Level (RL) of different places. The temporary RL has been fixed and marked in a permanent structure. The Elevation of Land with respect to connecting roads has also been computed in the report.

4. Position of Utility Lines:

Gas, Water, and Electricity are the main utility of a plot. Digital Survey Report must include the position of the Gas and water Line. It also includes the position of the Electric Post and way of transmission Lines. Underground water reservoirs and Deep Tube-well are also computed in digital survey reports.

5. Detail of Existing Structures:

The proposed plot always may not in vacant. There may have some buildings or many other structures. The actual location and size have been computed in the digital survey report. Sometimes, the Elevation of the buildings and the number of stories are mentioned.

6. Detail of Road Networks:

Every plot contains a connecting road. In the case of large plots, there may have internal road networks also. The digital survey reports include the actual position of roads and their width. There may have drainage systems inside the plot. The survey report includes them also.

7. Detail of Surrounding Land Use:

The Digital survey report includes information on adjacent Land use. The name of surrounding Land owner’s also been computed in the report. Adjacent building types and their story heights have also been plotted in the digital survey report.

8. Earth Cutting & Filling Calculation:

Before Developing Land, a Finished Ground Level (FGL) has to be fixed. In the case of low Land, the earth may be filled to achieve FGL. For undulated high Land, the earth may be excavation to reach the FGL. Digital Land surveys provide the calculation of the amount of earth cutting or Filling.

List of Our Experienced and Certified Digital Land Surveyors:

Survayor's Name Designation Experience
Sarwar Alam Co-ordinator 18 Years
Md. Mustafizur Rahman Sr. Survayor 15 Years
Md. Zunayed Hossain Sr. Survayor 15 Years
Syed Anwar Rockey Sr. Survayor 13 Years
Motiur Rahman Survayor 12 Years
Shohel Rahman Survayor 12 Years
Ananda Chandra Survayor 10 Years
Muhaimenul Islam Survayor 7 Years
Faisal Kabir Survayor 5 Years
Uzzal Tripura Survayor 5 Years


Best Digital Land Survey Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh

1. What is Digital Land Survey?

The Digital Land survey is a process by which Land is measured by electronic devices. The collected data is being processed through application software. The final output is being plotted in CAD format.

2. Which Devices do you use in Digital Land Surveys?

We use some electronic devices like. Total station Machine, Dumpy Level, and Theodolite. Mostly we use the Latest digital survey machine “Total Station”. It’s because Total Station can measure both Horizontal and Vertical co-ordinates.

3. How Long you have been working in this Field?

Great Question! because experience really matters. We are providing Digital Land Survey services since 2012. It’s more than 12 Years and we have completed more than 100 Digital Land Surveys in Bangladesh.

4. What Type of client support do you need during Digital Survey?

Basically, digital Land Survey works do not mitigate the legal dispute of Land. So, before stating the survey Works, we need the boundary demarcation. We always expect the presence of the Land Owner at the site during survey works in progress.

5. What is the cost of digital Land Survey Works?

The cost of digital plot survey within Dhaka City Starts from Tk.10,000/. The survey cost depends on the size of the plot and existing topographic features. Our plot survey outside Dhaka City stats from Tk.25,000/plot. In the case of large projects, we have customized and negotiable price plans.

6. Do you have Digital Surveyors in Bangladesh on a hire basis?

Yes, we have. You can hire our digital surveyor on daily basis. In that case, the hire charge for 2 persons survey team is Tk. 10,000/day. The conveyance, arrangement of food, and accommodation are to be provided by the client. At least 50% advanced payment is to be made with the work order upon estimated Days. The client must have settled down the total number of days in advance.

7. Do you have surveyors passed from reputed survey Institutes?

All of our surveyors are diploma holders from reputed survey Institutes. Most of our surveyors are more than 10 years of experience. We also engage experienced survey assistants in all of our survey works. We never recruit Trainee surveyors in our company.

8. What is your payment schedule?

Generally, we have a provision of 50% payment with the work order. We confirm the data of the survey after getting the advanced payment. The rest amount is to be paid at the time of project delivery. In case of courier delivery, Final payment is to be made before booking the report to the courier.

9. Are your Survey Report Authentic?

We always try to make our work error-free. Our digital Land survey reports are accepted by RAJUK, City Corporations, and Pourashavas. You can also, use it for any Legal purpose. We deliver digital survey reports duly signed by our company’s Authorized personnel. Our digital survey reports are accepted by any authority in Bangladesh.

10. Do you have service coverage in remote areas?

We have 64 district services coverage. Our team is capable to move any remote place within 24 hours. We have working experience in the hilly and coastal areas also.